Art Exhibition at Collaborate, 8 Kommetjie Road, Fish Hoek.

A week of gratitude 🌻πŸ”₯

We got this Cape Town πŸ•ΊπŸΌπŸ’ƒ

The journey of collaboration has been one of incredible insight, creative ingenuity, varied perspectives, and a myriad of interesting characters, artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs that have brought so much life and colour to our creative co-operative.

To celebrate we are hosting an in-house curated exhibition of our creative masters.

@natalie_penderis_art has been exhibited across the world. She was raised in Cape Town, and is currently exploring life in Ireland – we are blessed to have 2 pieces of her magic on display.

@knoxisobel is a well-renowned artist with strong roots in Kwazulu Natal. She calls Cape Town home but always strives to explore the beauty of the Cape surrounds where her art graces the walls of many homes and galleries. Gratitude to the long association we have had with Isobel, and look forward to many more creative moments of genius.

@waynebks has defined our building and helped raise the bar in the sleepy seaside village of Fish Hoek. We have a few pieces of creative genius on exhibit to complement our incredible graffiti murals. @waynebks is a world-renowned muralist, and we cannot express the gratitude we have to be associated with his creative journey.

@sandilebcele is our resident artist and ceramicist. Drawing on his cultural heritage, a definitive style that leaves us in awe as he holds true to himself, his roots, and the art of pottery. We are so blessed to have Sandile on our journey and look forward to 2022 inspired magic.

If our journey resonates – visit our exhibition that demonstrates the true diversity in collaboration and the infinite possibilities of the creative soul.

Find us at, 8 Kommetjie Road Fish Hoek.Β